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Welcome to the icon journal of __sele__, zirkau and xliriumx.

We have created this journal to share our graphics with everyone so feel free to take any icon, but please read the rules below before do anything.

We don't accepted requests at the moment,don't ask please.

Have a nice visit! ;P

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*Comment if you gonna take any of our icons. Also, we want to know your opinion ^^

*Credit us in keywords. Please credit the icon maker.

*Don't edit or customize our icons. Textless icons either.

*Don't hotlink.Photobucket is easy,quick and free.

*You can friends us if you want :)

*Don't use private icons with ##!

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7 vidas, a clockwork orange, agua, amaral, amigas, anastacia, andar descalza, angela's ashes, arte, azul, barcelona, books, breakfast at tiffany's, británicos, brushes, buenafuente, bufandas, buffy, cabinas, café, candys, canela, capuccino, challenges, chocolate, cine, cold mountain, colorido, comida italiana, converse, cotillear, csi, daniel brühl, dead like me, dead poets society, delfines, delirar, desperate housewives, dormir, edward norton, egipto, entradas tontas, eric bana, escuchar, federico garcia lorca, felicidad, fight club, foros, friday night lights, friends, galicia, garden state, gemelos weasley, gilmore girls, gmail, good bye lenin!, grecia, grey's anatomy, harry potter, history, house m.d., iconos, icons, icontests, igualdad, imaginacion, imagine, infancia, ingleses, internet, ireland, ironía, jack/kate, jackguapo, javier bardem, johnny depp, jude law, leer, leonor watling, libros, licking, lily, lily potter, livejournal, logan echolls, logan/veronica, lokas, lollipops, london, londres, lorelai/luke, lost, love, lurking, madrid, mafalda, mar, marauder!crack, marauders, marlango, morado, moulin rouge, música, natalie portman, neruda, nicole kidman, nip/tuck, noche, nymphadora tonks, obsesiones, ojos verdes, otoño, paint shop pro, pasta, pecas, pedro guerra, peliculas, pelirrojos, películas, photography, piruletas, poesía, pop art, prison break, psp, pucca, queer as folk, quevedo, reir, rosa parks, scarlett johansson, sean pen, sirius black, sonreir, star wars, stillness, tafi, the beatles, the great dictator, the oc, the office (us), the simpsons, tolerancia, vaguear, verano, veronica mars, vita è bella, vivir, weasleys, yo

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